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#ElbaTech is a private Company, founded at the end of '99, in Marciana (Isola d'Elba), via Roma, 10. Elbatech owners, operating completely in Company activities, are: Dr. Ing. Marco Sartore, dealing with the design and realization of electronic equipment, analog and digital electronics, firmware, software and board design, Dr. Ing. Manuela Adami, dealing with sensing and biosensing systems, bioelectronics and system design in general and Mr. Riccardo Galletti, dealing with software tools for driving equipments and data processing. The Company has the possibility to use other collaborators, with mechanical/technical.

ElbaTech is a small high-tech Company operating in the fields of electronics and general innovation, able to provide products and systems responding to the highest standards.  Elbatech systems design and develop solutions for environmental monitoring (cameras and nets for wildlife monitoring), sensors for monitoring of water, air and earth (temperature, salinity, humidity, pressure, pollution).

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Founded by a group of researchers dealing with front-end aspects, the Company offers solutions steming from a wide spectrum of knowledges. Many of our customers become collaborators. Elbatech's staff often attends to seminars and workshops, with contributions to poster and/or oral session. Sometimes, ElbaTech's products are presented during demo sessions in university courses or lessons. As a peculiar and distinctive aspect, Elbatech designs and manufactures its products on the basis of an extensive catalog of precision instrumentation, often incorporating add-ons, modifications and optional on direct customer and / or end user specifications. This is possible only on the basis of that Elbatech takes care fully of all phases and aspects of design, engineering and production:
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ElbaTech EpsilonPI
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ET3T Haccp Temperature Control
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