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High Voltage Amplifiers
We produce top-quality high voltage amplifiers featuring a variety of output voltage and current ranges. Our devices stem from a long experience in the field, which is the secret for devices with the highest possible noise immunity and frequency responses. Custom solutions differing from our base set of instruments are also available. Our HV Amplifiers are mounted in 19" rack-mount chassis and are inclusive of the proper, very low-noise high voltage power supply, with output current capability conform to the specific amplifier model. These istruments are especially suited for piezoelectric and electrostatic transducers, high voltage instrumentation, semiconductor testing,MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) and generally in those applications requiring stable and noise-free output. They allow resistive, capacitive and some models inductive loads. Although our actual spectrum of devices covers most of the possible applications, one of our core-business is the ability to design and realize CUSTOM high voltage amplifiers, suitable for specific User's needs ask for a custom model  or browse the current list of available models:

The Quartz Crystal Microbalance QCMagic (QCM)

QCMagic is a Quartz Crystal Microbalance based upon the novel platform EpsilonPi ( which allows:
NEW: QCMagic hat version for Raspberry PI ( Quartz Crystal Microbalance for RaspberryPI(c) )
- to use the instrument both stand-alone and via a client computer
- to follow and check the experiment remotely on the network
- to get high throughput rates in conjunction with precise measurements ... more

NEW !!! :
Flowcell QCM Measuring Chambers
Potentiostat-EQCM Measuring Chamber
QCMagic-Q: mass and quality factor in real time

AFM / STM Microscopy
With more than 15 year experience in SPM technology we build high-tech, compact controllers and related equipments intentionally designed to be open and flexible for the end-user

MikroMasch AFM Cantilever
We are the national representative of MikroMasch, offering whole catalogue items (cantilevers, calibration gratings, HOPG) of this famous manufacturer HOPG [Download Brochure]

1Wire / IButtonlink
Elbatech is an authorized distributor for iButtonLink products, i.e. 1-Wire® Interface devices, sensors, monitoring software and systems. We design and realize system embedding these product
Haccp Monitor Smart CrioCheck [Only Italian]

Special Products & Custom Electronic Instrumentation

  • EnJOY Pilot system for arbitrary piezo positioning

  • Linear and logarithmic precision amplifiers

  • Electrochemical instruments

  • Arbitrary waveform generators

  • Digital interfaces and microcontrollers

Download our customers projects [PDF]
Download our brochure in PDF format ... Brochure

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